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We create conscious value for organisations for whom putting people first is not a tagline, but the most vital business imperative.

If you truly believe that it is the authenticity, commitment, engagement and drive in your people that determines business continuity, progress and excellence, we can help you invigorate ownership and unleash the energy you need to navigate and thrive consciously in the ever changing business landscape.

Specialising in human science, our experience shows us that the most important job for a leader is to ignite PASSION, PURPOSE and MEANING that sparks energy to innovate. We must become the change we want to see in our people, business and community’s increased positive impact.



The world of TACT started in 1991, as a boutique operation, where Amita Nandi, the founder, worked alongside every client deeply involved in her clients’ people and business needs. This process of identifying the context before crafting solutions that ensured people were charged, engaged and motivated with a human-centered leadership style, proved the best formula for winning organisational outcomes.



Leadership Skills

Be it leading self, leading others, or leading the business, leaders require a deep grounding in the ability to think with clarity and make good decisions with a keen sense of discernment. A sound mastery of emotional intelligence (EQ), to lead others consciously, that inspire meaning and purpose, connecting people coherently to the business blueprint are skills leaders require mastery in to thrive in our new world today.

These courses provide a variety of transformational and ‘soul-searching’ opportunities, that answers a deeper calling that will afford experienced and emerging leaders a journey within, to become more mindful in looking for a new definition of success needed to emerge more conscious, authentic and courageous.




L1 : Leading Self and Others with Winning Strategies

L2 : Humanity-Centered Leadership

L3 : Leadership with Compassion & Consciousness

L4 : Authentic Leadership through Story Telling

L5 : Conscious Coaching to inspire Passion & Purpose

L6 : Leading by Being in Conscious Flow

L7 : Managing Difficult Conversations with Compassion



Productive Teams

Whether a team is at a startup or at a mature level of development, team leads and members need skills, support and expertise to progress from one level to the next as business realities become more complex and demanding. At every stage, there will be different business and personal skills that will be needed to be honed so that the team is at its optimum. Especially when we are dealing with diversity, ranging from cultural, generational, gender and other differences, team bonding and trust building must integrate a culture for team and business effectiveness. These courses abound in experiential and experimental platforms to inject fun, exploration and transformation of breakdowns to breakthroughs that glue teams back on the job.




T1 : Team Building for Organisational Success

T2 : Team & Trust Development for Excellence

T3 : Managing Teams from Norming, Storming, Forming to Performing

T4 : Conscious Team Leadership

T5 : Celebrating Diversity by Overcoming Unconscious Bias

T6 : Fostering an Intergenerational Mindset for Team Success


Self Mastery

In a time when organisations are prioritising empowerment, ownership and engagement, associates and employees must take responsibility for their own development and mastery of self in personal and business situations to remain agile and competent. Knowing this cognitively alone will not guarantee that your people know what to do when it comes to work skills, stress management and self-mastery. Skills will range from mindset and behaviour change to long term, deep set change in one’s personal reality and consciousness. Future focused research in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology form the basis of many of the programmes in this series.




S1 : Self-Management for Life & Work Success

S2 : Serving with Passion & Consciousness

S3 : Winning with EQ

S4 : Authentic Communication | Raise Your Voice, Speak Your Truth

S5 : Compelling Communication

S6 : The Art of Stress Management



Women Leaders

Despite well intentioned national and organisational drives to improve the position and plight of women in leadership, women are still under represented in leadership positions worldwide. Making matters worse, studies continue to reflect that the problem is often self-inflicted, by the fact that women have themselves to blame half of the time due to low confidence and little or no opportunity to advance themselves. In these series, we share time tested, practical ideas for overcoming self and career limiting beliefs, developing a professional self-image, with the right tools to succeed at work and at home. These programmes and retreats provide life-changing platforms for becoming more conscious about ourselves and what we are capable of through a recess of likeminded-ness and peer group support. These experiences and achievements, eventually help women rise to raise others, as they mentor, coach and lead others more consciously.




W1 : The Women Leaders’ Manual for Success

W2 : Executive Women Leaders Programme

W3 : Emerging Women in Leadership Programme

W4 : Cultivating Influence and Impact in Your Leadership

W5 : Women Taking the Lead : RISE to RAISE others


COVID Series

These are specific programmes targeting the present pandemic challenges that leaders and employees are continuing to face as they embrace the new norm of working from home, managing remotely and dealing with social distancing and the difficult balancing act of juggling work-home-personal priorities. Courses range from managing self to leading others while undergoing the challenges of the new normal of business.




C1 : Rising Above Anxiety and Fear in Times of Uncertainty

C2 : Happier, Healthier, Stronger – Beating Emotional Upheaval

C3 : The Impact of Social Distancing on Active Listening and Engagement

C4 : Keeping the Balance : Working From Home / Remotely

C5 : Motivating Self and Others in Trying Times

C6 : Navigating Change and Transition

C7 : Managing Stress Consciously


Professional Consciousness Coach, Amita Nandy

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The TACT Approach is specially formulated based on the combination of knowledge and experience derived from both theory and practical applications. When you learn with us, you shall benefit from more than 30 years of proven skills and techniques required for optimum performance.

Learning Design

Deliberate weaving of Business and Personal Context into learning design

High Engagement

High engagement learning Content and Coherence to Context

Measured Audit

Measured audit to ascertain Accountability and Application to Business and Personal Context


We have been helping companies optimise business performance since 1991. We understand the people and business challenges that need to be addressed in order to achieve organisational strategic priorities.


I worked with Amita at DDI and had always found her to be a calming and nurturing presence for the team. She is very centered in her resolve, and mindful in her approach, staying open to new ideas and keeping everyone involved. Amita's humility makes her very approachable and any team will be blessed to have her! – Ji-Lian
Amita and I worked directly together for a couple of months, and in this time as well as after, I've come to see how Amita truly cares for the people around her. Her genuine warmth is also reflective of her ease with herself, as well as with clients when we were in meetings together. Amita strives to make things happen by pulling things together, and using her vast human capital experiences to ensure a client-centric approach which makes sense and impact. – Caroline
Amita was very attentive and helpful throughout our leadership development journey in my former place of employment. She customised the modules based on our leadership competencies and managed to convince our leadership team to run the programs (we have never done any leadership development prior). Always checking in if we are getting everything we need. She would be a great learning advisor for any corporation. – Emily