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The world of TACT started in 1991, as a boutique operation, where Amita Nandi, the founder, worked alongside every client deeply involved in her clients’ people and business needs. This process of identifying the context before crafting solutions that ensured people were charged, engaged and motivated with a human-centered leadership style, proved the best formula for winning organisational outcomes.

Amita Nandi has gained more than 30 years’ experience in  human science focusing on leadership, self-management, organisational success, change and crisis management, women and leadership, performance management, team building, customer focus, facilitator development and agile performance, having served multinationals, GLC’s, SME’s and family owned conglomerates. She is passionate about people and believes putting people first is not just a tagline, but the most vital business imperative. Being a master trainer, facilitator and coach, she declares that when she connects with an organisation’s workforce, she can truly feel the pulse of the organisation, and immediately get a measure if the environment is nurturing or toxic.


Amita is committed to helping clients drive sustainable business continuity by tapping the collective power and intelligence of multiple stakeholders. As a global consultant, with an edge in dealing with all strata of executives, she enjoys working with cross cultural and generational diversities. Women, Next Gen and Consciousness studies are her passion areas.
Amita Nandi
She is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities to evolve our consciousness and make a difference to the greater good of organisations, communities and the planet. Amita is currently pursuing her PhD studies in the area of Quantum Science focusing on Consciousness in the workplace, aiming to present her thesis on Conscious Leadership.

TACT was her brainchild since 1991, when she had to leave full time work to focus on her growing family during a time when she had no family support. She worked from home in the 90’s when it was frowned upon if you don’t operate from a brick and mortar office, she needed to as she had to have her eyes on her two little boys.

Amita continues to develop herself and is never satiated. Besides formal studies, she keeps herself updated daily with tools, tips and practices to live more consciously to do her best in becoming the best version of herself. She lives her purpose, sharing and giving freely her skills and knowledge by adopting groups to coach and teach. She is resigned to giving back and one of the projects she engages in is in the area of sustainability with her partner, BK Sinha an expert in green practices and sustainable projects. TACT runs fortnightly Q&A sessions for anyone to ask any question they have in the field of Sustainability and Green Projects.

Amita hopes she can open up hearts and minds through her work and be of service to individuals, teams, organisations and communities for whom living consciously is realised  (remembered) as a birth right and a way of being, for the greater good of the planet and humanity.