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Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing

Course Details

Content Writing is a form of free advertising that has proven to increase sales by substantial scales because it creates genuine engagement. Excellent online content writers are hard to find and are always in demand. Brands and companies are constantly searching for people who are creative and have a flair for all types of writing. Apart from the marketing point of view, content creation is a form of art, where well-curated content can earn you a hefty income.   Learn how to create and write good and relevant content for companies and products, and how to write in response to comments from your readers. Our course is suitable for people who write or wish to write online articles or blogs, websites, and social media posts. It is not business writing, but a course that explains how you can apply your skills to write fine online content that motivates and creates engagement with your readers.   This course is perfect for those who are ready to try their hand in the field of digital writing or have a desire to polish their skills and becoming more specialised writers to cater to an existing demand for Content Writers.

For: • Business Owners • Entrepreneurs • Marketing Managers • E-Commerce Sellers

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Key Learning Outcomes:

You will learn the Information Architecture of a website and reading flow to get your website visitors from "Hi to Buy". You will also learn how to write content and copy for websites, blogs and social media to make your marketing communication coherent and effective.

Plug & Play

Our courses are delivered in a hands-on format and are ready for immediate application to your business.

Upon successful completion

All participants shall be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.