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Giving Back


TACT is working with women who comprise single mothers and volunteer tadika teachers in the rural states of northern Malaysia. These women tirelessly teach, mentor and do whatever is necessary to groom and nurture children from ages 4 to 6 years old from various Tamil tadikas, which are constantly operating with tight financial constraints. Our goal is to equip these teachers and care givers with the necessary skills, confidence and personal coaching so that they can in turn give their best to raise education levels for the under privileged children in the hope of creating the awareness that everyone is entitled to equal opportunities. These teachers are also in touch with the parents who often slip through the cracks of the social welfare system despite being severely economically disadvantaged. We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGD), particularly Goals 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13.

Some activities we have carried out so far:
i.                English Language Awareness and Drills.
ii.               Cultivating Good Reading Habits.
iii.              The Role of Parents in Fostering Confident Children.
iv.              Coaching and Mentoring Care Givers and Teachers.
v.               Fund Raising Activities.

TACT COO, KT Hooi Ling having a reflection session, on what more can be done to “rise ourselves before we can raise others.”



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Sinha’s keynote on sustainability for the EPC Summit 2019

TACT provides fortnightly online Q&A sessions with one of the region’s foremost experts and keynote speakers in the area of Sustainability and Green Projects, BK Sinha. He will be our guest twice a month and based on interest he will answer your questions in the field. The world of sustainability is a vast and complex one and TACT is privileged to be able to provide this platform to clarify doubts, learn new practices and be informed of global green practices through these free sessions.
Founder and Director of C2C Project Managers Sdn Bhd, a consultancy that specialises in sustainable projects and practices, he is a Green Star Accredited Professional of the Green Building Council of Australia and a facilitator of the Malaysian Green Building Index, promoting Green Building initiatives in this region. Sinha is also a member of the team that developed the Low Carbon Cities Framework & Assessment System (LCCF) for the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water (KeTTHA). Sinha played a major role in the development of the Green PASS (a carbon-based performance assessment system for the construction industry) for the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and he is also an elected board member of the Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC). Sinha’s deep knowledge in sustainable business practices, clean technology, and awareness development makes him a catalyst leader in shaping and preparing local stakeholders to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
Should you be keen to have your questions answered, for your company, for your job or your thesis, you are welcome to drop us your details and we will revert with confirmation info prior to each session.
We will be posting a new schedule of dates soon, do look out.

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