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What Differentiates Consciousness Coaching?

Conscious Coaching Amita Nandy

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is fast becoming a word that is receiving attention, and finally even in corporate boardrooms. A word that has been inextricably twined to esoteric cultures, spirituality, religion and quantum science, it has come to the fore now through numerous empirical research and award winning studies as the ‘ground of all things’ (Amit Goswami – Quantum Physicist, Oregon University).


The dictionary defines consciousness as awareness, alertness, cognizance, sensibility, carefulness, mindfulness and recognition, and all this is absolutely right, but it IS more! Consciousness is the ‘knowing’ that there is an energy, a force that works with us and supports us to accomplish whatever we set to achieve, tapping it as fuel. We need to trust the process, and recognize that it is there and realize the possibility that it can help us when we have learnt to access it on demand. Various practices are available for this, the most popular are those that have their roots in traditions that are more than 5,000 years old from origins in many different countries on the globe, that confluent on one common idea of stillness in order to contact it.


What is Consciousness Coaching?


Consciousness Coaching is therefore using this power, this energy, this force to work through you in your coaching where the magic happens like a dance when you surrender to your partner, not sure what the next step is, yet trusting in the moment, to take its course.


In Consciousness Coaching®️ there is awareness creation, awareness expansion and eventually an acquisition of the power to operate consciousness to empower the client to reach where he/she wishes to arrive. This brand of coaching goes beyond the regular fare of Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Development in a profound way, in that it focuses on this vital energy and ego blocks that can resist and slow down initiated changes that may emerge from sessions of regular coaching. Consciousness Coaching®️ begins like when a Zen Master prepares in silence and meditation to clear his mind, his ‘space’, his vessel, so that he can give his 100% to others he comes in contact with and does not begin before ‘clearing the space’ for the client, ensuring he/she is totally present. This is done through a resplendent series of steps that assists the client into ‘slowing down’, taking a breath and doing a ‘state-check’ of his/ her internal terrain through guided questions by which the client puts to rest all that may come in the way of an experience of total immersion to receive the best outcomes, even if it were a speed coaching initiative. Because the path is clear, the dance can begin and commitments can be consummated with clarity and enthusiasm for action. For best results both coach and client surrender to something larger than themselves and allow discovery and wonder to happen.


The Role of Ego in Consciousness Coaching?

Consciousness Coaching®️ takes deep cognizance of the role of ego, far after the coaching sessions end, and introduces awareness creation tools that can serve as guideposts when assignments and commitments are put into practice in the real world where often the ‘presence’ of coaching is lost to mere memory of the sessions. Most impactful of all is that the Consciousness Coach does not DO anything, it is his/her presence and BEING that is all that is needed for the client to ‘GO’ where he/she wants to. If a coach is bent on achieving an agenda, this flavour of coaching is not for him/her. The Coach here does not offer advice, does not suggest, does not tell nor lead, rather, allows the energy to flow, uninterrupted as the client ‘receives’ and watches what comes up for him/her at the moment. Consciousness Coaching®️ is a practice on ontology – the science of being. It can never be achieved by one who is hurried and focused on the goal, ironically, as that will distract the coach from the process, the dance has its own life and with trust, will flow into goal achievement intuitively. When we speak about Consciousness Coaching, we are speaking about breathing life, love and joy into conversations and it becomes an enjoyable adventure of exploration and discovery that gets you and your client to your destination without fail.


My journey into consciousness at work, at home and personally has just lifted off as the Consciousness Coaching®️ Module 3 ended a few days ago. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Marc Steinberg MCC, the Founder of Creative Consciousness International and the Consciousness Academy team from South Africa and Crete who spent 12 days training and coaching us on the difference we will make as Consciousness Coaches. It has been inspiring, moving and touching, to say the least. The content is brilliantly carved expounding on perennial wisdom from spiritual teachings, (which is what brought me to the program), and unique but practical coaching and communication protocols that give the right context and move people out of their comfort zones and into their core to experience deep shifts for creating masterpieces of themselves. This approach of coaching “ is the most powerful tool that already successful people can use in order to combine their internal wealth with their external riches.”


Nowhere have I seen such brilliantly designed tools and creations that weave source energy into coaching to make the journey as rewarding and meaningful as it has been done here. I truly surrendered to the art and science of asking questions, experiencing how questions had their own ‘secret power’ whether to open vision, to support self-discovery and clarity, to drive ‘unstuck-ness’, to support completion, or simply to trigger a mindset of possibilities and exploration. I felt my calling to start the route towards mastering this skill to further my embodying this in my Coach Being. In this ICF (International Coach Federation) ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), one converts breakdowns into breakthroughs, moves from reaction to creation and transforms helping clients to empowering them. Marc’s design has stood the test of time and today more than ever before, I see how Consciousness Coaching is relevant to our times of turbulence, change and upheaval, because it provides the much needed anchors for grounding and staying stable while the universe spins around and inside us.


We discussed being conscious of ego as a limiter, and how we become instruments to collaborate in consciousness for the greater good of our clients. I am thoroughly grateful for this experience that will shape the rest of my journey ahead. I feel blessed to be certified to carry out this work being able to coach in a variety of areas especially, life, relationships, parenting, retirement, addictions, marriage, wellbeing, teenage, career moves, academic, and any other area people need to get un-stuck from. This is possible as I am now certified to use a protocol made for success that serves as a navigation tool for whatever situation one is facing.


I highly recommend this to anyone aspiring to make a difference in the lives of others through an approach of quiet presence and authenticity in your Coach Being as you energetically connect in the dance of inclusiveness with your client.


In an age when the profile of coaches as a catalyst for change is part of a thriving society, it is my wish and vow to contribute in any way I can, to teach, share and promote this approach for high performance. All it takes is trusting to be in your peace, allowing yourself to become the instrument through which the questions are transmitted, not operating from MIND, as the best way to stand for the greatness of others.


Do get in touch, if you wish to explore more or want to book your Coaching sessions!


Amita Nandi

Founder of TACT WORLD



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